G2 Equity Partners is the alloy of LeadFirst and wRatings which have combined forces to help company-partners to optimize their financial performance using an outside-in / inside-out approach.

Since the early 1990s, the wRatings and LeadFirst research and implementation teams have continuously studied the causal and correlative relationships of customer value, employee culture and financial performance.

We own a substantial body of evidence that attests to the practical value of the combined relationship (linear combination and interaction) between and among customer engagement, organizational culture, and financial outcomes, particularly revenue growth.

One of our seminal research reports entitled, Change the Way You Persuade, was published as the May 2002 cover article for Harvard Business Review, and another foundational, peer-reviewed paper, Customer Value Governance: The Emerging Corporate Imperative was published in Across the Board in June 2000. Our first book, The 5 Paths to Persuasion (Warner Business Books 2004), has been translated into seven languages and was voted by Fast Company readers as book of the month in July 2004. Our strategic profiling research method (US Patent 6,658,391) was developed using extensive field studies and academic interviews with authorities in behavioral psychology and statistics.

The firm's principals maintain ongoing CEO and Executive Coaching relationships with scores of professionals leading recognizable U.S. and global brands. Click here to receive a copy of the Coaching Dossier.

What is the impact on revenue growth when companies improve both customer engagement and the supporting employee culture in an integrated way?

For those companies that are able to achieve a high Combined Engagement Metric™ (CEM), the financial rewards are substantial. Across the CEM levels, we found wide variations in financial performance‡. In the current database, only a small percentage of business units have reached CEM Level 5, and most score 2 or lower.

The results are clear: for most companies, there is a real opportunity to accelerate revenue growth by as much as five-fold by engaging BOTH customers and employees.

How much gain is possible?

Only a small percentage of business units have achieved CEM Level 5.

‡ Based upon an extensive meta-analysis a statistical integration of data accumulated across many studies. The overall study included approximately 67,000 independent employee responses and approximately 215,000 individual customer responses to surveys in approximately 2,000 independent business units.