Growth Accelerators

No two stakeholder groups are more important to generating organic revenue growth than customers and employees. A deep understanding of customer value (and new sources of value), organizational culture, and the interplay between the two is fundamental to accelerating growth. We identify the priority actions a management team must take to create customer value and increase revenue; and, together with the management team, we concentrate the full force of the organization on highly-profitable organic revenue growth.

Middle Market Focus

We engage with companies that have solid positions in defensible markets where we see opportunities for accelerated revenue growth via the application of our patented research systems, operating skills and relationships.

• Chemicals
• Distribution
• Food & Meats
• Healthcare Services
• Industrial Services
• Materials
• Retail


We value operational partnerships and relationship investing that promote alignment of interest among all equity participants. We identify and back founder-owners and management teams who seek to accelerate growth and press toward the next horizon of wealth creation. We are all-in and exclusively dedicated to achieving the value goals we co-create with you; while we work with you, we work with none of your competitors.

As an Expert member of the CEO Trust, a referral-based, by-invitation-only role, we were screened for experience, expertise and appropriate CEO Trust values. This platform of shared values enables CEO Trustees to pull together, to help each other, and to make their businesses and communities more successful and viable.